Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ooh... Aah... Boom... Bang... Fizz! Happy Fourth of July...

In spite of my usual jaded demeanor, I do enjoy the Fourth of July. The argument could be made that it is simply because I enjoy loud noises and colorful displays. I suppose it is the day where every man, woman and child can don a tri-corner hat and shake their fists at the accursed English.

When I think of the Fourth, I do not think of it as political holiday or rather, I do not treat it as such. I do not breakout my American Flag three-piece suit (that is saved for Memorial Day) or adorn my house in flags. That just is not my bag. I tend to be introspective about such things and I should point out that this not a rag on those who do. For those wondering, I do waltz over to my nearest street corner with a forty of Olde English and proceed to pour its contents out for my departed homies, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. I cannot think of a better way to show my gratitude.

Seriously though. I realized as I watched the faint flicker of fireworks off my wee bairns' face that Independence Day is not about the politics, patriotism or the spectacle. It is a day about a group of individuals who felt they could right the ills they witnessed and (ultimately) change the world. Anyway, we glass raise our glass to you...

-Manny Funkowitz

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