Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spring Preview UPDATE Sound of Noise

Aural terrorists. An attack on your senses as sonic conception disrupts your everyday lifestyle. Finding music and rhythm in the wonder of everyday life. And lastly a celebration of Funk Bass. You are not prepared for Sound of Noise. I have to say the descriptions of the film painted this much more as a musicians turned bank robbers film and that is absolutely NOT what this film is. It is a brilliantly unique exploration of sound and how it invades our lives. This is pure cinema as image marries with sound to create amazing pieces of art. Alright let's get started, get the metronome.

It's hard to describe the story, other than a group of musicians come up with a plan to turn reality into musical performances. At one point they describe it as "their bomb." Without any malicious intent, the law is broken by happenstance, after overtaking a surgery the patient almost dies. They hold up a bank, but take no money. They begin being tracked by a tone deaf policeman named Amadeus. That's essentially the plot, but what you are presented with is so much more.

The creativity involved in this film is enormous. The whole film is unique from start to finish, and the filmmakers know enough to not only rely on the cleverness of each of the "gigs." The characters that inhabit this world are all extremely likable and well developed. Even the douchey younger brother who happens to be a musical prodigy. Or each of the drummers and their respective personalities defined perfectly by their introductions. The first time they all meet is a wonderfully played scene that's a bit obvious but I still won't ruin it here.

The visuals on display are a symphony unto themselves. Culminating in a beautiful act that literally lights up the town. Aside from that, the second unit work is really spot on, bringing your focus to all the random items of every day life that become musical instruments.

This is refreshing cinema proving that there is still originality in the world. You all should seek this out and invite your friends. It is incredibly entertaining and new all at once. I've waited for this to be available in the states for a long time and it was absolutely worth the wait. Let me know what you all think.


One last thought - the DVD includes some of the directors short film work where they were first exploring some of the concepts here. Love when DVDs have these kind of special features

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