Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly Wish LIst 10/11 Creation, Willpower,and Denial

Summer flicks are beginning to come out quite rapidly now. Let's not waste any time. As we get closer to Halloween I'll keep recommending and doing pieces on some fun horror flicks.

Tree of Life - Terrence Malick
Malick's gorgeous visual poem on the meaning of existence and how beautiful and miraculous each moment is no matter how small. I said this would be top ten for sure back when I saw it, and even with the quality flicks I've had the pleasure of seeing this past week I still say this will end up on my best of list at the end of the year. If you missed your chance to see this in theaters I strongly suggest you head out to your local retailer on Tuesday and pick this up. In case you're wondering my detailed thoughts can be seen here.

Green Lantern - Martin Campbell
My most anticipated Summer flick, and probably my biggest disappointment. Obviously I had high hopes for the film, and while not necessarily a bad film, it is merely a mediocre one. It has plenty of moments of fun for me to still pick it up, after all I am a huge fan boy. I still love EVERYTHING on Oa, and I love Reynolds as Hal. Here's hoping this one has some shelf life and gets better each time I see it. If anything I know Riley is excited to see this. Here are my original thoughts.

The Bad Seed - Mervyn LeRoy
What would you do if your perfect little girl happened to be a compulsive liar with a heart of pure evil and hellbent on killing anyone who comes in her path? Well if you want some advice on the situation you should check out this film, available on blu-ray on Tuesday. This is a wonderful piece of atmosphere and suspense. As the truth about the little girl becomes more and more undeniable to her parents the moral question poised is brilliantly acted. Highly recommended for those wanting to see a smart intelligient thriller this Halloween and nice alternative to your run of the mill slasher film.


One last thought - This has been out for some time, and you can find it for as little as 7 dollars on blu. This is a fun anthology Halloween flick from the writer of Singer's X-men flicks. Definitely inspired by Creepshow. That little guy on the cover there, he is all sorts of demented fun.

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