Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Movie Preview Extraordinaire

Let's be honest here. I could fill up all ten slots with The Dark Knight Rises. Well, I won't, there are some amazing films coming up this summer.

10. Safety Not Guaranteed - Colin Trevorrow
Indie comedies that have that "indie feeling" can be incredibly pretentious and self absorbed. Then there are the others that can overcome that and be charming and refreshing. This one has one ace up its sleeve, time travel. I frakking love time travel, and this story of an ad in the newspaper about a man who needs a partner to go back in time sounds like it could soar or fall flat on its face.

9. Magic Mike - Steven Soderbergh
Soderbergh has been on here quite a bit lately, but this is by far his most unexpected film. A semi autobiographical story about Channing Tatum's stripper days? Why this would be his next choice is beyond me, but the trailer seems to promises some tongue in cheek humor with quite a bit of heart. I'm always curious to see what Soderbergh has up next, and this is just too strange to pass up.

8. The Brave - Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman
Pixar's hopeful return to grace. I think it's funny that this is about as far away from Cars as possible. This is an adventure yarn set in Scotland featuring the first female lead for a Pixar film. The reluctant princess seems determined to deviate from the path set out for her, I want this to have the magic and top notch storytelling we all love from the best section of the other House of Mouse.

7. Lawless - John Hillcoat
Hillcoat has been a master at modern westerns. Showing us dreary landscapes and desolate rural areas. Even The Road had a lonesome traveler sensibility to it. Now he brings us this film which seems to abandon the pessimism and brings us a balls to the wall crime film. This definitely feels like an appropriate evolution for Hillcoat and well, I'll watch just about anything with Tom Hardy.

5. Killer Joe - William Friedkin
Bug got a little too creepy crawly for me. Hopefully this turns that around. Friedkin is a great director and he knows how to take his characters through the ringer. This looks to be a dark and entertaining journey to the horrible depths we will go in desperation. McConaughey seems like a force of nature, a devil incarnate waltzing through the film with undeniable charisma and violence.

4. The Amazing Spider-Man - Marc Webb
This is getting lost in the shuffle for sure, but Spider-Man was one of my top tier favorites growing up. Still is. I loved Raimi's first two flicks, but seeing what Webb has done in the trailers I am so excited to see Garfield in this role. Webb did good work on 500 days, so hopefully he has that same focus on character and brings it to this big budget superhero story. This is one that I'm not too sure on, but I think has the potential to surprise everyone.

3. Extraterrestrial - Nacho Vigalondo
Time Crimes means I will watch anything this man does. This is a story about a love triangle set in an apartment complex, and oh yah there's aliens invading. I can't wait for this, the guys turned Time Travel on its ear and gave us real world implications of normal people caught in an amazing situation. This seems to take that theme and continue with it.

2. Prometheus - Ridley Scott
Alien or not it's Ridley Scott returning to epic science fiction. Any other year this would top my list for the summer. Blade Runner and Alien are high points for Scott's career and I can't wait to see Scott play in the sci fi wheelhouse again. The trailers show us a story with amazing scope and vision. I hope it delivers.

The Dark Knight Rises - Christopher Nolan
Was there ever any doubt? This is Nolan and company's summer. In case you didnt know how excited we are for bats there's articles here, here, and here.


One last thought - wouldn't it be crazy if this actually kicked ass? For now the best I can hope for is ludicrous and absurdist fun.

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