Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekly Wish List 5/22 Criterion and Castles

I can't believe May is already coming to an end.

Certified Copy - Abbas Kiarostami
I remember watching Taste of Cherry in college and being surprised at how much was happening with such a simple story. Kiarostami makes grand comments on mortality and life with a few locations and minimal dialogue. Here we have his most accessible work, and what some are calling one of his best. Anchored by a great performance from the always reliable Juliette Binoche, this is a story of two people meeting and falling in love, or maybe they already know each other. Maybe they're married? Compelling and unique cinema from one of Iran's best.

Castle in the Sky - Hayao Miyazaki
Miyazaki creates living dreams with his wonderful animation. This is one of his earlier works inspired by Gulliver's Travels. Ponyo looks amazing on Blu Ray, hopefully this follows in suit.

Up All Night Eclipse Series: Robert Downey Sr.
I didn't know Iron Man's dad was a director until a few years back when Putney Swope was released on DVD. The film was a brilliant satire that I showed to everyone willing to watch it. Now he gets the criterion treatment in an Eclipse series boxset. I've only seen the one film so I can't wait to discover what other lightning in a bottle he has in store for us. Sadly this isn't in Blu but I still urge everyone to take a chance on this set. This is true independent rebellious cinema. It was enough to inspire PTA, sounds like the best endorsement I can think of.


One last thought - sorry Guy, but this is the best adaptation in recent years. This season blew me away by being even better than the first, I'll be back with more thoughts on this one.

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