Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You Might Call it International Workers' Day, I Call it Loyalty Day.

How did you spend your May Day? Odds are you were sipping a latte at an exotic coffee shop like Starbucks. How dare you Sir? Pick up that black hoodie from the dry cleaners, unpack your V mask and high tail it to the nearest metropolitan area to get yourself a face full of mace. Like most folks, I did not heed the call to boycott every aspect of American society. Today was the General Strike with several million regular folks or ninety-nine percenters voicing their discontent with the economic system of Capitalism.

Unlike most people, who spent the day erecting and dancing around a May pole, these folks exercised their first amendment rights by engaging in a little protesting and some light rioting. I am still perplexed about what can be accomplished by roughing up an American Apparel... I assume that they were upset by those ridiculous American Idol clothing commercials. Hell, every time I see them, I immediately reach for my Molotov cocktail. That is another story for another time, I suppose.

Today was a day for and full of human potential. This is an admirable goal for those organizing the event. Certainly, they probably did not envision billy clubs on skulls or tear gas but it was the thought that counts. Personally, it makes me wish that I had been more productive in an introspective fashion maximizing my potential. Instead, it was nothing more than the usual routine. I spent my time reading about May Day instead of participating in it. What happened to you, Manny? I hardly recognize thee.

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