Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly Wish List 1/3 Sickly, Scary, and Silly? maybe

Here we are the first DVD/ Blu Ray releases of the new year, and check it out I'm getting it to you on time. I've got a few more films to see before I finish up my year end top ten. So that should be up hopefully within a week.

Contagion - Steven Soderbergh
One of the best films of the year, and one I was sure would be on my top ten at the end. Spoiler alert, it didn't make the cut. Still this is a riveting account of a virus destroying much of the world's population. Soderbergh handles the multiple stories like a pro and gives us some great character work from everyone involved. A strong script and some great editing show that Soderbergh is able to do anything. The guy is always looking to try new thing and never backs away from a challenge. Really excited for Haywire.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark - Troy Nixey
Del Toro might take his time between projects but that never stops him from working on his side projects. Here he acts as producer in this remake of a made for tv horror film. It's always exciting to see what Del Toro is working an with his wicked sense of humor and complete reverence for the macabre I'm excited to see what this has to offer. The last film where he served a producer was the exceptionally atmospheric and scary The Orphanage, so I'm hoping for something just as awesome.

The Guard - John Michael McDonagh
Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleason in a British dark comedy. Already that sounds awesome and fun, but this has received great reviews, so this will be great to finally see it. Also this happens to be written and directed by the brother of the guy who directed In Bruges. The Nolan's are a rather talented bunch of brother filmmakers... Maybe here too?


One last thought - I really like Evans as an actor, an any time he stretches his acting chops its worth a look for me. Here he plays a drug addicted lawyer fighting the good fight.

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