Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekly Wish List UPDATE Point Blank

This was the follow up to my article on Detective Dee, and like that film this film is a great deal of fun. Cavaye creates a riveting thriller(as the French do so well) about a nurse who comes across the wrong patient. The nurses very pregnant wife is kidnapped by the patients henchman(maybe?) and they tell him he needs to help this criminal escape the hospital or they'll kill his wife. What follows is a hugely entertaining collection of chases, double crosses and surprises and like Detective Dee, this is the kind of popcorn film I wish was made more often in America.

Cavaye ratchets up the tension and never backs away from making the situation impossible for our hero. This nurse makes mistakes and bumbles believably through all the absurd situations he's put in. Gilles does a fine job at making him an Everyman, so that he goes along on his journey we are right there with him each step of the way.

The story isn't entirely original, but Cavaye keeps the story fresh with some clever camera work that moves along as briskly as the story. He keeps the story moving from beat to beat making sure the audience keeps up with all the twists and turns as his camera weaves through the Parisian underground. There are some great set pieces involving jumping from buildings and subway chase scenes.

This is a fine thriller and adult entertainment that doesn't ask you to turn off your brain. Incredibly enjoyable and plenty of fun. This is the type of film that begs to be shared with your friends as you discover what else cinema has to offer outside of the multiplexes. Again this is the kind of popcorn movie we should be supporting, strong writing and acting with solid direction that backs up the story. Hope you take the time out to watch this, at the very least if you're wondering what to watch don't rent the newest Heigl movie, sit down and give this a shot or Detective Dee, two films that I know would have great mass appeal if people didn't mean reading a little bit.


One last thought - how could you not risk everything with Elena Anaya as you wife.

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