Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Guttentag, faithful and dear reader. As always, I enjoy this little chats about the various happenings in our lives... You do as well? Have I told you that I love you? I suppose that takes the whole this slightly too far but I do appreciate the times we have had up to this point. With that being said, I would like to touch on some things that going on here at PORTEmaus.

We have surpassed 15,000 hits in this website's humble history. You might scoff but this is quite the accomplishment considering there was a time when no one --and I mean, no one-- read the content on this website. I am being serious, I could not get family members to read the ramblings emanating from the mind Funkowitz. Anywho, once the humor was inserted directly back into certain columns (I will let you guess which) and the addition of a crack team of writers, this place kind of took off.

The new column, Fashionably Delicious is also off to a fanstatic start and I (like all of you, I hope) am excited about further writings in this column. Lets face it, while I have not fashion sense (I wear a potato sack), I do enjoy eating some good food. Hopefully, we will be adding another column soon and if it plays out as expected... It should be pretty great. There I go overhyping things which have yet to happen.

The last order of business is the piece that I has me the most excited. Last weekend, Hudson Hawk, Gonzi, Myself and Bence (via sateillite) recorded two hours (yes, two! Crazy, I know) of content for the inagural PORTEcast about this past summer in movies. For those who are scared of this behemoth of audio-goodness will be happy to know that we will be dividing it into sections. From what I hear, it is pretty good stuff and I look forward to recording more PORTEcasts.
Until next time, your faithful servant...
Manny Funkowitz

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