Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Wish List 6/21 Private Eyes, Fate Agents, and that's a stew we got going

Bence here with another installment of the lovely Weekly Wish List. Some crazy choices this week, definitely all across the board. So hopefully there is something here for you to enjoy. If you check these out ever let me know what you think down there in the comments section...Here they are.

The Adjustment Bureau - George Nolfi

Matt Damon also seems to be quite a staple on here as well. I never did catch this film in theaters when it was released earlier this year, but this story of a man fighting against agents of fate in order to be with the woman he loved sounded like it could yield some interesting results. Or at least raise some good questions. Also it has John Slattery who you know as Howard Stark, or Roger Sterling the gentleman who's always ready to dip in the secretary pool on Mad Men. Matt Damon is on his way to being a senator when he runs across Emily Blunt, he falls in love and tries to pursue her but unfortunately...that wasn't in the cards. I love a story dealing with free will and fate, and consequences of day to day choices, hoping to check this out soon, I'll definitely be back to tell you how it is.

Kiss Me Deadly - Robert Aldrich

Where would this column be without an almost weekly entry from Criterion, easily putting out the high benchmark for DVDs and Blu-Ray. Kiss Me Deadly is a noir film(cmon you knew that from the title alone) about badass Detective Mike Hammer. A gentleman unafraid to use a little more force than necessary, especially if it means some decent money on a big case. How do all noir films start?...that's right....with a dame. Here Mr. Hammer picks up a hitchhiker only to be run off the road and wakes up in a hospital to find out his mystery lady has passed away. Always one to be chivalrous and moneyhunger Hammer is on the case trying to solve this mystery and make a pretty penny. Aldrich took some decent liberties when it came to adapting this story from the great Mickey Spillane, and what he creates is a seminal film noir and required viewing for any fan of the genre.

Olyphant is in this too?

Elektra Luxx - Sebastian Gutierrez

A porn start discovers she's pregnant, tries to get out of the porn business by teaching housewives how to have sex, gets asked by a friend to seduce her husband, and falls into a (hopefully) hilarious mess as her "normal" life begins to crumble as her past continues to surface and chase her. It also happens to be narrated(I think) by a porn blogger played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the woman in question is the super talented and beautiful Carla Gugino
This is a semi-sequel to Women in Trouble. It takes the story of porn star Elektar Luxx from that film and this time gives us a whole film about her. I love Gugino, but she's made some bad decisions lately, so seeing her in this small film will hopefully remind me how creative she can be and wash away any image I have of her in old lady make up from Watchmen. Levitt is a badass and picks some amazing pictures to work in, I refuse to believe his taste has faltered here. I haven't seen this yet but Gutierrez is supposed to be following in Almodovar's footsteps, filling his films with some smart sexual comedy, that doesn't ever dive into Showgirls softcore porn area. I'm always ready to give directors a chance, the whole point of Movie Night is about exploring and finding cinematic bliss wherever it is, and if it's in a stark black and white noir great...if it's in a screwball comedy in the porn industry...hey why not.

That's about it for this week....really excited about this mix and I hope you are too....never be afraid to try something that might not be in the Best Buy ad.

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One last thought -Happy, Thank You, More Please, the first movie written and directed by Josh Radnor is out today as well. His tenure on HIMYM is enough to earn enough of my respect that I will check this out no matter what. The trailer makes it seem like he studied at the College of Zach Braff and seems to be his Garden State except now in New York...20somethings moving through life seemingly unsure of their lives...hmm you all should read this


  1. anyone who studies at the college of Zach Braff must not of done very well on their SATs...

    good mix of choices this week BTW

  2. From what I understand, the college of Zach Braff is just a party school. Think ASU but without any redeeming educational value.