Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Game (noun)
- a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.

Win (verb) - to succeed by striving or effort

A question was posed to me as to whether or not I ease up on people when playing games depending on if they are friends, kids, etc. Before answering that let me fill in those who don't know me. I'm usually the quiet, nice, well mannered gentleman that you would expect to see at a library; possibly museum; gala, etc. However, when it comes to competition - specifically Games - as far as I'm concerned there are no such things as friends. I play to f*cking win. Period. And further more...if I'm already crushing you, I will not stop until your completely buried. Don't believe me?

I remember a girl I was dating in college who had like a 4 year old or something. She told me he was into video games and so she wanted me to play some N64 with him. I told her "Are you sure...I play to win?". Apparently, she thought I would take it easy on a Pre Schooler. We were playing WWE No Mercy. I don't think he got a single punch in. At one point I just started toying with him. Even though I could of pinned him, I rock bottomed his candy ass about 5 more times before I finally put him out of his misery. He needed consoling and will probably never play video games the same again.

So yeah, we can play...have fun...good times. But just be aware, if you aren't on Team Gonzi, I'm systematically concocting methods in which to methodically extirpate you and your entire existence.

In other words: "Shit just got real"


  1. that No Mercy brings a tear to my eye...any kid (or parent) who thinks you should take it easy on them, is in for a rude awakening. Because whether you take it easy or not, that same kid would jump up and down rubbing it in your face when/if he happens to win, so he should earn earn it I mean a few more chair shots to the face and a couple more lionsaults before I finish them off. I paid my dues playing games with my older sister and cousins once upon a time...

    Plus, life isn't fair, what better way than N64 to learn that at a young age?

  2. Man i remember doing laps around my little cousin(i believe 5 at the time) in some Mario Kart Double Dash....its not my fault the little guy couldn't figure out how to turbo slide...on a side note my son(2 years old) was playing Wii Tennis the other day...well lets just say the word "deuce" came up way too often.

  3. LOL...exactly. Life lessons. They need to experience the agony of defeat early and often. Builds character.