Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss...

Much like other people, I enjoy waxing sentimental about the past and wondering about the future. Today marks two milestones of growth for PORTEmaus. The first is that earlier this afternoon, we had past during the period of the past seven days the number of page views for the month of April. This is quite the feat considering that April 2011 was the best month for the site in its history.

The seventh of May twenty-eleven also has the distinction of being most viewed day in the history of PORTEmaus with over two-hundred views! Honestly, this has wildly exceeded my expectations and in such a short time frame (roughly three weeks). If one looks at the statistics from the beginning until last month, it looked as if such feats would be unattainable.

PORTEmaus is sum of all of its parts, it is a gathering of myself and three other individuals who are more talented than me. Most of all, it is the people who support us when they read our columns and pass them on to their friends. It is as much mine as it is Bence's, Hawk's and Gonzi's as it is all of yours. I truly hope that you have enjoyed the work we have done and continue to do so as we forge ahead passing other milestones.


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