Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yet, Another Milestone has been Passed... Let it be the First of Many More to Come.

With the post of Bence's latest NERDlert post, PORTEmaus has passed the 100 mark for posts! This is quite the surprise considering the growth of the website the past few weeks. We have seen a growth in terms of the look of the site, the additions of contributors with superior writing skills than my own and the amount of people reading the columns. We even have a FACEBOOK page with a modest following. Who would have thought it was possible at this point last year? It has been quite the wild ride this past year and I hope that everyone enjoys the next 100 posts... Raise up those champaign flutes and bellow a loud but firm "HUZZAH!" Onwards and Upwards as they say!

All the best,

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