Friday, May 27, 2011

The Old Adage is True... Rules are Made to be Broken.

It seems that the mouse or Maus continues to grow at a breakneck pace. Hopefully, this does not conjure imagery of a rat king. Then again, the mascot is a mouse and they are quite different than their other rodent cousins. Anyway, digression aside... The month of May has been quite good for the site.

The previous records for April of most hits in a day (200) and in a month fell (693) (and quite quickly, I might add). Honestly, I had not expected it to happen the very next month but then again, who can plan for such occurrences? I have said it before, it is the support from visitors such as yourselves that is responsible for this continued growth. Without it, we are simple four talented gents who write articles that no one would read.

The question is where does PORTEmaus go from here? We have already established a beachhead on Facebook (Remember to click "like") and now we are campaigning in the other realms of social media like Twitter (Follow us! Yes, yes, I know the irony of such a decision.) For those hoping to reach anyone of us (Hawk, Gonzi, Bence or myself) with words of praise or derision... Feel free to email us. Thank you again... Super friends for the continued support.

Your humble servant,

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